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Tags: spider-man, costume, homemade, mcu, marvel

Tags: spider-man, mcu, marvel, comic, comics

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Tags: comic, comics, al-simmons, hellspawn, anti-hero


This is just an extraterrestrial named Jim. Never call him Jimmy, though. He hates that. He has a cool mustache. You will probably never be able to grow a mustache as cool as his. Be jealous. Also, buy the shirt or a sticker if you want. I need money. For college and stuff.

Tags: minimal, funny, mustache, extraterrestrials, roswell


This is just an extraterrestrial named Bill. He is Jim's cousin. (Yes, the mustached extraterrestrial named Jim.) He is okay if you call him Billy. He doesn't really care. He looks up to his cousin Jim, thats why he also has a cool mustache. You might be wondering why if they're cousins, they're different colors. That's because Bill is way more chill.

Tags: minimal, roswell, alien, ufo, extraterrestrials


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