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Tags: harry-potter, pottermore, albus-dumbledor, dumbledores-army, hp

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, dumbledores-army, hp, jkrowling

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, j-k-rowling, hogwartsexpress, jkrowling

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, chamber-of-secrets, j-k-rowling, dumbledores-army

Tags: harry-potter, gryffindor, voldemort, hp, jkrowling

Tags: gryffindor, hogwarts, potter, harrypotter, jk-rowling

Tags: harry-potter, magic, witchcraft, wizardry, ilvermorny-school-of-witchcraft-andwizardry

Tags: magic, harry-potter, ilvermorny-school-of-witchcraft-and-wizardry, ilvermorny-school, ilvermorny

Tags: hogwarts, ilvermorny-school-of-witchcraft-and-wizardry, wizardry, witchcraft, magic

Tags: musician, music, violin, dub-step, electronica

Tags: myth-confirmed, myth-busted, myth-plausible, myths, fireworks


This quote basically sums up the show.

Tags: fireworks, rockets, dynamite, myth-confirmed, myth-busted

Tags: stringed-instrument, cellist, orchestra, strings, cello

Main Tag

Tags: song, musical

Main Tag

Orchestra pride. :)

Tags: music, magic, wand, bow


Proud serpent over here!

Tags: harry, witchcraft, ilvermorny-school-of-witchcraft-and-wizardry, witch, magical

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, chamber-of-secrets, hogwartsexpress, j-k-rowling

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, hogwartsexpress, j-k-rowling, dumbledores-army


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