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Blue Shift T-Shirt
Maurice Moss: You Must Obey T-Shirt
Spooky Action at a Distance T-Shirt
A hollow voice says "Plugh." T-Shirt
Just Fine 137 T-Shirt
Obliquity (or Axial Tilt) - The Reason for the Season - Funny Christmas T-Shirt
Belphegor’s Prime - Is it Prime Evil? T-Shirt
The Mysterious 137 Marathon T-Shirt
We Ran as if to Meet the Moon T-Shirt
Pi Marathon T-Shirt
For Astronomers and Poets Alike T-Shirt
No Jerks T-Shirt

No Jerks

Resistance is (at times) Futile T-Shirt
E pur si muove! T-Shirt
Science Matters T-Shirt
Data Matter T-Shirt
Maurice Moss: Spirit Guide T-Shirt
That's no moon. T-Shirt
Just don't say it three times! T-Shirt
Not All Who Wander are Rogue Planets T-Shirt
Librocubicularist, and proud! T-Shirt
Not every answer in life is binary, but this is. T-Shirt
Astrogeek T-Shirt


and it's made with fresh avogadros T-Shirt
To make a Δ, be the Δ T-Shirt
To make a Δ, be the Δ T-Shirt
Peek beyond your beliefs. T-Shirt
Rho, Rho, Rho your Boat T-Shirt
Let's go outside! T-Shirt
Let's go outside! T-Shirt
I remember Gerald Kurtz, Philip Chabon et al. T-Shirt
and it's made with fresh avagadros T-Shirt
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