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Tags: humor, trump, not-my-president, presidential-campaign, presidential

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Tags: humor, politic, hillary, democracy, voting

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Tags: humor, trump, presidential-election, presidential-campaign, presidential

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Tags: gilmore-girls, stars-hollow, gilmore, girls, luke

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Tags: humor, funny, onepunch man, man, punch

Tags: movies, the-joker, gotham-city, dc, harley-quinn

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Tags: flag, logo, japanese, japan, manga

Tags: jared-leto, suicide, squad, suicide-squad, heath-ledger


this is not even my final form, this show how powerfull you are.....

Tags: goku, vegeta, saiyan, dbz, super-saiyan

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Tags: jared-leto-joker, jared-leto, gotham-city, joker-quotes, justice-league

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shaving is not an option for beardmen, manly and honor to be beardmen

Tags: manly, honor, shaving, menwithbeard, beardquote

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Tags: gun-america, firearms, gun-rights, second-amendment, 2nd-amendment

Tags: breaking-bad-heisenberg, breaking-bad-shir, t-heisenberg, walterwhite, breaking-bad-jesse

Tags: percy-jackson-the-olympians, heroes-of-olympus, camp, half, blood

Tags: space, harlock, galazy, captain-harlock, spiegel

Tags: hunter-x-hunter-logo, hunter-x-hunter-manga, hunter-x-hunter, leorio, gon-freecss

Tags: bachelor, engineering-career, carrer, fun, funny

Tags: world, government, one-piece, one-piece-anime, monkey-d-luffy

Tags: trafalgar law pirates, trafalgar-law-symbol, law pirates, one-piece, one piece anime

Tags: funny, fun, california, aphorism, funny-sign

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Tags: boobs, hero, opm, one-punch-man, one-punch

Tags: bartolomeo, one-piece-anime, luffy, monkey-d-luffy, straw-hat-pirates

Tags: logo, fire-fist-ace, ace, pirates-crew, pirate

Tags: obey, trafalgar, manga, anime, strawhat-luffy

Tags: sanji-kick, manga, anime, sanji-vinsmoke, vinsmoke

Tags: one-piece-anime, marine-one-piece, straw-hat, onepiece, marine

Tags: one-piece-anime, fire-fist-ace, ace-flag, pirate-flag, straw-hat

Tags: yonko, pirate, pirates, manga, anime

Tags: japan, oda, manga, anime, shichibukai

Tags: one-piece-anime, edward-new-gate, whitebeard-pirates, straw-hat, nico-robin

Tags: manga, straw-hat, edward-new-gate, one-piece-anime, one-piece

Tags: eiichiro-oda, oda, manga, anime, sabo

Tags: manga, eiichiro-oda, oda, portgas-d-ace, ace

Tags: trafalgar-law, surgeon-of-death, trafalgar-d-water-law, law-pirates, straw-hat

Tags: pirates-crew, pirate, pirates, eiichiro-oda, oda


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