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Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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are you an awesome person? do you want to show it off to those around you? Then scope up one of these and show the world what you and I already know: That your AWESOME!!!!

Tags: rated, for, a, awesome


Ever since i was introduced to rave culture, i have feel in love and have never looked back. i love the music, the color of the lights espically at night and the sense of love and acceptance with the accroym PLUR (Meaning Peace Love Unity and Respect). most of all, i love the RAVE BOOTY!!! All big, round and most of all...100% Natural (which cant be said about some women *cough cough Kardashians* so show your support for the lucious rave booty by buying a copy.

Tags: of, can, rave, booty, plur


This is the first out of many designs that I have on this website. the idea behind this Logo was that I was walking past a Starbucks logo and thought if anyone had made their own design of the logo. when I saw that a lot of people were making their own version, I thought, why not make one of my own? I made this in Adobe Illustrator.

Tags: starbucks, coffee, starbucks-parody, starbucks-logo


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