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Tags: gothic, bats, goth, i-am-the-night, night-owl

Tags: art, birds, spectators, space, cats


Vintage Marijuana Propaganda

Tags: stoner, reefer-madness, mary-jane, stoned, devils-weed


This is Scottie the top model Himalayan cat. He belongs to my niece. Here he is hugging his pizza and collecting tacos and burritos. Also Burgers. He collects burgers too.

Tags: cute, cat, peperoni, mexican-food, burritos


Scottie is a Top Model Himalayan Cat and he belongs to my niece. Here he shows his love for pastries and hugs a cupcake and celebrates with sprinkles on donuts.

Tags: cute, cat, himalayan, himalayan-cat, doughnuts

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This pizza loving raccoon was drawn on paper with graphite pencil... and colored pencils... and a little bit of maker pen. Then pulled into photoshop for some refinements,

Tags: lover, love, pizza-party, pizza-is-love, pizza-pie

Tags: galaxy, trash-panda, trashcanimals, planet-lover, space

Tags: girl, cannabis, mary-jane, 420-design, kush


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