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Adult Apparel

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Spicy Shoryu Noodles T-Shirt
Gama Mode T-Shirt

Gama Mode

Monster King T-Shirt
Samurai of Hearts T-Shirt
Samurai of Spades T-Shirt
Samurai of Diamonds T-Shirt
Samurai of Clubs T-Shirt
Cyber Ronin T-Shirt
This is the way of Samurai T-Shirt
Ninja of Diamonds T-Shirt
Ninja of Spades T-Shirt
Ninja of Hearts T-Shirt
Ninja of Clubs T-Shirt
Kunoichi T-Shirt


Snake Mode T-Shirt
This is the way of Samurai T-Shirt
Spades of Tengu T-Shirt
Last Samurai T-Shirt
Gekido Ramen T-Shirt
Watatsumi-no-Kami T-Shirt
Maneki-neko T-Shirt
Watatsumi-no-Kami T-Shirt
Hollow T-Shirt


Gama T-Shirt


Shiba Inu Style T-Shirt
Panda Monk T-Shirt
Tiger Spirit T-Shirt
Wolf style T-Shirt
Dragon of Akihabara T-Shirt
Pure Rage T-Shirt

Pure Rage

Blind Tiger T-Shirt
White Rhino T-Shirt
White Rhino T-Shirt
Anubis T-Shirt


Six Paths T-Shirt

Six Paths

Ninja Team T-Shirt
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