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What tastes the best?

Tags: drinking, drink, humor, pop-culture, nerd

Tags: design, kubo, japanese, shamisen, stop-motion-animation

Tags: design, silhouette, japanese, animation, adult-swim

Tags: design, nerd, cartoon, sumi-e, japanese


Red Dwarf- Starbug Shuttle Services

Tags: starbug, kryten, arnold-rimmer, dave-lister, the-cat

Tags: nerd, tv-series, tv-show, comedy, jupiter-mining-corporation

Tags: starbug, kryten, arnold-rimmer, dave-lister, the-cat

Main Tag

Tags: pun, joke, math, snake, python

Main Tag

Tags: animals, nerd, girly, beagle, cute

Tags: love, gun, valentines, angelic, angel

Tags: cartoon, moon, majoras-mask, zelda, videogames


Stranger Things- Chief Hopper Underground

Tags: horror, 80s-movies, retro, 80s, upside-down

Tags: pop-culture, marvel, hulk, nerd, videogames

Tags: pop-culture, windwaker, majoras-mask, giant-cucco, cucco

Tags: marvel, spider-man, movie, zelda, the-legend-of-zelda

Tags: anime, cartoon, markdaviesanim, dragonballz, namek

Tags: anime, toei-animation, japan, silhouette, minimalistic

Tags: anime, japan, silhouette, minimilistic, dragon-ball

Main Tag

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne

Tags: dick-grayson, jason-todd, tim-drake, damian-wayne, dc-comics

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, science-fiction, television, sg1, universe

Tags: oblivion, skyrim, the-elder-scrolls, morrowind, dark-brotherhood

Tags: japanese, japan, blizzard-entertainment, blizzard, nerd

Tags: nepal, blizzard-entertainment, blizzard, nerd, gamer

Tags: japanese, japan, blizzard-entertainment, blizzard, nerd

Tags: over-watch, video-games, videogames, games, mccree

Tags: overwatch, games, video-games, videogames, blizzard-entertainment

Tags: markdaviesanim, nerd, mexican, mexico, hacker



Tags: soldier, mercenary, nerd, grim-reaper, death

Tags: overwatch, mercy, overwatchgame, over-watch, gaming

Tags: nerf-this, xbox, playstation, nintendo, blizzard

Tags: nerd, funny, mashup, humour, parody

Main Tag

Tags: pop-culture, funny, mashup, humor, parody

Tags: funny, mashup, humour, parody, book-series

Main Tag

Tags: spongebob-squarepants, sticky-note, to-do-list, bored, lazy-day

Tags: humor, forrest-gump, republican, donald-trump-2016, political-parody

Tags: prescription, doctor, games, console, online


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