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Cerebus the Aardvark Page 1 (2023 Recreation) T-Shirt
Binary Protest T-Shirt
Commie Martyr #111 (version 2) T-Shirt T-Shirt
Strictly Terrestrial T-Shirt
Dave Sim's Death's Dark Tread T-Shirt
Friedrich Nietzsche with an L.B.D. on his head T-Shirt
Dave Sim's original Cover Art to Comics Journal #83 T-Shirt
Dave Sim original cover art to Comics Journal 82 T-Shirt
Dave Sim's Crossing Over Logo (White) T-Shirt
Dave Sim's Crossing Over Logo (black) T-Shirt
Dave Sim's Weird Society (distressed) T-Shirt
Dave Sim's The Haunt of Spawn (distressed) T-Shirt
Dave Sim's The Vault of Spawn (distressed) T-Shirt
Dave Sim's The Fear of Spawn (distressed) T-Shirt
Young Cerebus T-Shirt
Cerebus the Barbarian T-Shirt
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Varkles! T-Shirt
Cerebus the Mercenary T-Shirt
Something in Elf-ish T-Shirt
Fellowship VS Federation T-Shirt
Star Trek fans are nerds (in Elf-ish) T-Shirt
SIM-biote Spider-Vark T-Shirt
Hell-Oh! Spawnee (Mark III) T-Shirt
Benjamin Hobb's Cover to Dave Sim's Hermann #1 T-Shirt
Benjamin Hobb's Dave Sim's Hermann T-Shirt
Batvark: XXXXX (The "Censored-For-Grandma" Variant) T-Shirt
Batvark: PENIS T-Shirt
Batvark T-Shirt

Batvark T-Shirt

$22 $16
Joe Cerebus T-Shirt
Donald J. Cerebus T-Shirt
Debate 2020: Joe Cerebus VS Donald J. Cerebus T-Shirt
Cerebus in Hell?: the logo T-Shirt
I Vote for Cerebus T-Shirt
The Amicable Spider-Vark T-Shirt
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