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Tags: x-men, marvel, wilson, wade, mercenary

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Tags: darth-vader, sith, sith-lord, darthvader, dark-side

Tags: arrow, agent-carter, oliver-queen, cw, starling-city

Tags: batman, dc-comics, justice-league, arkham-knight

Tags: pow, zap, boom, kapow, nerd

Tags: arrow, flash, eobard-thawne, harrison-wells, zoom

Tags: aquaman, jla, the-justice-league, justice-league

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Tags: talon, court-of-owls, the-court-of-owls, batman, dc-comics

Tags: deadpool, wade-wilson, the-merc-with-a-mouth, ryan-renolds, x-men

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The greatest hero you've never heard of!

Tags: justice-league, booster-gold

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Tags: bane, dc-comics, the-dark-knight-rises, batman, dark-knight

Tags: red-hood, jason-todd, under-the-red-hood, bat-family, batman

Tags: black-adam, shazam, justice-league, dc-comics

Tags: red-tornado, young-justice

Tags: batman, dc-comics, dark-knight, justice-league, zur-en-arrh

Tags: arkham, arkham-asylum, arkham-city, arkham-origins, arkham-knight

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Tags: batman, dc-comics, joker, dc, dc-comic

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Tags: batman, the-dark-knight, dc-comics, joker, dc

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Tags: bam, pow, kapow, zap, boom

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Tags: comic, x-men, deadpool, the-merc-with-a-mouth, wade-wilson


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