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Tags: jaws, shark-week, marine-life, sharks-are-my-world, aquatic-life

Tags: squid-vs-whale, illustration, whales, kraken, sea-animals

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Tags: animal, psychedelic, horses, twisted, crazy

Tags: jedi, not-my-president, hand-drawn, drawing, caricature

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Tags: pop-culture, coca-cola, sprite, spite, parody

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Tags: art, anti-trump, donald-trump, pink-floyd, the-wall


Based off an MRI of my best friend's skull.

Tags: skull, eds, skulls, surgery, macabre

Tags: parody, fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas, muppets, gonzo, hunter-s-thompson

Tags: fear-and-loathing, bat-country, ralph-steadman, gonzo-journalism, gonzo

Tags: pop-culture, fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas, hunter-s-thompson, bill-watterson

Tags: twin-beaks, david-lynch, dale-cooper, black-lodge, damn-fine-coffee


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