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I've always wanted to start a support group for social anxiety, but I don't think I'd show up.

Tags: comics, humor, support-groups, depressed, speech-anxiety


Picolas Cage, perfect gift for friends and foes! Meet the cool people who like your shirt, and creep out everyone else! P.S. I am the original creator of the Picolas Cage design, if you're interested in purchasing it, pretty please buy it from me! (Not art thieves. Stealin' isn't cool, including intellectual property. Thank you!)

Tags: funny, weird, creepy, raising-arizona, green

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Constantly worried you're doing everything wrong? This shirt is for you!

Tags: worry, comics, humor, social-anxiety-disorder, worries


What more is there to say about this fine man?

Tags: creepy, funny, adam-sandler, the-water-boy, happy-gilmore

Buscemi T-Shirt

$20 $14

I can't either, Steve. Quote from the movie adaptation of "Ghost World" by Daniel Clowes.

Tags: mr-deeds, airheads, the-big-lebowski, fargo, resevoir-dogs


Nic Cage learns to ride!

Tags: trike, bicyclists, matchstick-men, kickass, wickerman


What can't Bill Murray do? (Stop being amazing.) Share your love of Bill with the world!

Tags: ghostbusters, humor, zombieland, groundhog-day, caddyshack


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