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Mummies Baseball T-Shirts


digital drawing, design by anticute!..

Tags: graphic-design, illustration, drawing, funny, cartoon


a cute cartoon of peanuts as mummies

Tags: pyramid, egyptian, monsters, original, snacks

Peanut Mummies Baseball T-Shirt

by BoggsNicolas

a funny mummy design inspired by the for dummies book...

Tags: geek, book, text, logo, statement


Another design off of my son's lunch bags! The terrifying mummy!

Tags: mummy, classic-monsters, classic-monster, hand-drawn, mummies


Mummies dancing around a fire. Yep, time to leave.

Tags: idol, fire, mummies, dance, creepy


Scare the neighbours this halloween with this funny ghost t-shirt, perfect for taking your children trick or treating. Dont be afraid of any dabbing zombies and dabbing mummies this October 31st, prank them back with this scary design Grab your pumpkin and fill it with sweets, this halloween tee will fit any skeleton. Scare your friends this halloween holiday with this awesome halloween costume for dads, mums, kids and family. Perfect whilst carving pumpkins and jackolanterns. You are sure to frightening the neighbours with this terrifying tee.

Tags: halloween-design, ghosts, zombies, pun, funny


The Moomins

Tags: moomin, the-moomin, the-moomins, moomins, nostalgia


Ancient Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris inspired by the style of Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride.

Tags: art, osiris, isis, the-corpse-bride, tim-burton


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