21 Gifts for Those Moms Who Say They Don't Want Anything

Chris Rausch

Gift-giving is one of world's favorite pastimes. From housewarmings to birthday presents to Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers to Christmas gifts under the tree, we show our appreciation, love, and recognition by giving (and receiving) gifts – three things all loved ones are deserving of.

Then there's those moms that never seem to want anything. Sometimes it may seem your mom already has everything.  At least that's what they say. When you ask her what she wants, you might get the classic “peace on earth” or a sappy “all I need is my family” that makes it hard to express your love language as a gift giver. Especially when she loves to give gifts. That doesn't seem fair, does it?

I'm not calling your God-fearing mom a hypocrite, but she's not getting away with it this year. Whether you’re just showing your appreciation for dealing with you during your rebellious phase or buying a gift for an occasion like a birthday or Mother’s Day, finding the right fit for moms who don’t want anything can be hard. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Picking a Gift for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything

When your mom says that she doesn’t want anything, is she telling the truth? It’s hard to tell. Whether because of love or obligation, you’re going to give them a gift anyway. Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing out a gift for the mom who doesn’t want anything and/or those moms that already have it all.

Mom's Interests

When you’re buying a gift for someone as special as a mom, it’s important that you get her something that shows you know and care about her interests. If she plays pickleball but you get her a tennis racket, it won’t mean as much. Consider what your mom likes to do when searching for a gift. Is she an avid cook or baker? Get her an apron or t-shirt that tells everyone she’s the queen of the kitchen. Does she love a certain celebrity? Plaster their face on a mug, t-shirt, or print. You can also look for things that she may not be able to find herself. Having something customized or searching for a unique and hard-to-find item or collectible that she would like can be a great way to provide a valuable gift that she’ll love.


Sometimes, moms don’t want a gift because they don’t have any space for one. For the mom who has everything (and more than she needs), consumables like flowers, chocolates, fruit baskets, and alcohol are great clutter-free options to give as a gift. Once the flowers die or the food and drinks are gone, they don’t have to worry about finding a place to keep your gift once it’s been used.

Sentimental Gifts and Keepsakes

Let’s face it: moms will always gladly accept gifts that come from the heart. Whether it’s your crayon drawing from elementary school or a loving t-shirt that tells her how special she is, it’s hard to go wrong with sentimental gifts. You can make your own art, have a piece of art customized or engraved, or get a keepsake that means something to both of you that helps her remember how much you love her.

New and Trending Items

If they're your mom that means she's older than you. Stay with me here. That means you, as a younger person, are exposed to new ways to do things that your mom might not be aware of. Think of the newest gadgets, latest fashion trends, smart appliances, improved phone technology, the latest in health and wellness, and other items that can and will make your mother's life so much easier and/or convenient.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Have Everything (Supposedly)

Everyone loves seeing the reaction on a loved one’s face when you get them the perfect gift – especially when they aren’t expecting it. Once your mom has let her guard down and told you that she doesn’t want anything, consider surprising her with one of these gifts for mom.

I Didn't Want Anything So They Got Me This T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by cosmosudemedraws | 10 colors

Your mom has finally reached the point in her life when she mostly means it when she doesn’t want anything for her birthday or whatever special occasion you’re celebrating. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate a gift – and we think this cheeky tee is perfect.

Mamasaurus T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by teemaniac | 15 colors

Everyone has a favorite movie, and your mom’s favorite just happens to be about dinosaurs. Or maybe she’s fiercely protective. Either way, this trendy ‘mamasaurus’ tee is just what her wardrobe needs to make her feel totally roarsome and let her know she’s appreciated.

Commas Save Lives Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt | TeePublic | by Portals | 6 colors

Mom has been the chef of the house for as long as you can remember, and her meals are always delicious. While cooking is her passion, it unfortunately isn’t her full-time job. For the mom who’s a grammar nut, this playful sweatshirt reminds your family of the importance of punctuation.

Let's Go Girls T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Nifty T Shirts | 8 colors

What mom doesn’t love catchy tunes about female empowerment? We guarantee she can name at least four songs by the Queen of Country Pop, Shania Twain, without even thinking, though one, in particular, stands out – and this stylish tee is ready to match her energy as she sings along.

This Mom is Pretty Tired T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Tired Pirate | 8 colors

Despite what you may think, parenthood is exhausting – and it doesn’t magically become easier as your kids get older. Moms tend to carry a lot of the mental load between anticipating needs, tracking appointments, and making decisions. It’s tiring – draining, actually – but Mom still looks pretty despite her constant stresses. 

Proud Mom Of A Smartass Daughter T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Didier97 | 7 colors

Just because Mom says she doesn’t want anything doesn’t mean she isn’t expecting anything. If she’s got a good sense of humor, this cheeky shirt is the perfect surprise gift to pull out of the bag when you’ve convinced her you truly didn’t get anything.

Patrick Swayze Retro Graphic T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by DankFutura 

Your mom tells you time and time again that she doesn’t need or want anything – but we both know that if you could give her the opportunity, she would love to have dated Patrick Swayze back in the ‘90s. At least with this retro tee, she can wear her love.

Tom Selleck 80s Aesthetic Mug 


Mug | TeePublic | by DankFutura

Ok, so maybe Swayze isn’t her cup of tea, but Tom Selleck is – and can you blame her? I mean, have you seen that man’s mustache? She may not need another mug, but she’ll definitely appreciate this sultry one for her hot tea of choice.

Mom Antler Mug


Mug | TeePublic | by Nameagetee

Sometimes, all Mom really wants is to feel appreciated, and reminded that she’s still valued even when her children are all grown up. Though this custom mug doesn’t bear her name, it bears the title that means the most to her – “Mom” – and lets her know she’s deer-ly, er, dearly loved.

Mom Saint Definition Tote


Tote | TeePublic | by avshirtnation

Motherhood is the truest test of patience, and your mother has been an absolute saint of a woman for putting up with your crazy antics through the years. Share your appreciation (and your belief in mom’s divinity) with this playful tote that can carry anything and everything she needs.

If You Can Read This, Mom Is Off-Duty Socks


Socks | Happypop | 2 colors  

When you say your mom does everything around the house, you mean it. She cooks, she cleans, helps with homework, and also juggles an office job on top of that. When she gets home, she deserves to relax – and these cozy socks let everyone know she’s taking her well-earned break.

Constant Comforts Care Package


Care Package | Spoonful of Comfort  

Your mom has always gone above and beyond to make sure you were comfortable and felt cared for, and now you can return the favor. Whether you’re still living at home or miles away, you can give Mom the love and comfort she deserves with this thoughtful care package.

The Book of Everyone Mom Edition


Book | Wonderbly 

At her core, Mom is a nostalgic person. She loves to reminisce on her childhood, yours, and times past. She likely has a baby book that’s all about your early years, but what about her life? This personalized book features facts and cultural phenomena from the year she was born.

Thank You, Mom Candle 


Candle | Homesick 

How often does your mom buy you things just because she saw them and thought of you? Now, how often do you do the same for her? Whether you’re appreciative of little things or the bigger things in life, express your thanks with this sweet candle.

Gallery of Nine Tabletop Metal Prints


Metal Photo Print | Shutterfly | 3 sizes 

When Mom says she doesn’t want anything, she’s likely thinking of things she won’t get any use out of. Pictures of family on a sleek metal print, however, are timeless, priceless, and let her brag to all of her friends and neighbors that she has the cutest grandkids.

Vera Bradley Metal Thermal Coffee Tumbler


Mug | Amazon | by Vera Bradley | 7 patterns

From lanyards and luggage sets to even coffee tumblers, the floral patterns of Vera Bradley designs are everywhere you look, keeping moms in a chokehold. Busy moms often forget to drink their coffee before it gets cold, but this cute lidded thermal mug will keep Mom’s coffee hot for hours.

"Mom" Heart Locket


Locket | Zales

Mom always holds her children close, no matter the time or distance between you. With this sentimental engraved locket, she can keep her most cherished memories of your time together physically close to her heart as small photographs encapsulated in a sterling silver heart.

Women's Cotton Ragg Sweater


Sweater | L.L.Bean

Winter has made itself known, with the cold from outdoors seeping into Mom’s house and sending shivers down her spine. Wearing a peacoat indoors all day long would be silly, but a heavy cardigan is just right to keep her feeling warm and looking cool.

Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set


Shower Steamers | Uncommon Goods | by Lizzy Siman-Tov

When mobility is an issue, bringing the spa to Mom is a lot easier than bringing Mom to the spa. You’ve already gotten her a soft robe and towel set but what about aromatherapy? These soothing shower steamers offer 4 different scents for Mom to choose from.

Weighted Blanket


Blanket | Bed Bath & Beyond | by Ella Jayne | 23 weight & color options

It’s easy to feel weighed down by the responsibilities of your daily life, and moms have to deal with even more than the rest of us. Mom is overwhelmed and overstimulated, but a cozy weighted blanket can lift some of the weight off her shoulders while keeping her grounded.

Mothers Hold Their Children's Hands Shadowbox


Shadowbox | Etsy | by AMBCreationsShop | 10 colors

Sometimes the simplest way to show your love for Mom is with your words. With 10 heartfelt messages to choose from, this thoughtful shadow box features your selected text overlaid on an assortment of gorgeous paper flowers. A tasteful piece of decor, it’s perfect for home or the office.

Find The Gift Your Mom Didn’t Know She Wanted

Regardless of the occasion, your mom deserves a gift – whether she wants it or not. But, it’s hard to buy a gift for someone without a wishlist or insight into their wants and needs, so you’ll have to put some serious thought into it.

You should always try to get a gift that shows that you care by basing it off her interests or putting a personal touch on it. Engraving, customization, and handmade products like custom tees, mugs, or blankets can be a great option to consider if your mom doesn’t have any strong interests or is more of a sentimental person. Or, you can surprise her with her favorite spirits or treats for a simple gift that doesn’t take up more space in her home.

No matter what you end up choosing to give her, your mom is sure to love it – and if you need some ideas, our recommendations can get you on the right path!

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