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Hashtags on Instagram


Hashtags are everyone’s favorite part of the Instagram post 😉 First things first, what is the best approach to using hashtags on IG when posting your art? We realize that Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags and it is very tempting to hashtag spam. Try to fight that urge💪. Overcome the impulse of using all 30 of your available hashtags; IT'S NOT HELPING YOU! It's actually hurting your visibility in the Instagram algorithm. 

Try a more targeted approach. Use only 9 hashtags, We can hear you all gasping and I We Know! We were shocked too. Trust us, it gets better. Divide these hashtags into 3 groups, one group for a mega-huge hashtag(1 million+ posts), one group for a medium-large hashtag(20K-100K posts) and a small, more niche hashtag(less than 20K posts). 

You want to go from broad to narrow with your mega huge hashtags covering the most broad aspects of your piece and the small niche ones covering the more detailed aspects. Here is a great resource you can check out for ideas and here is an example post

Examples of Hashtags on the post:

Big - #eclipse ~4.5 million, #cloudscape~5.5 million #surreal~8.4 million

Medium- #dreamscapes~98,000, #otherworlds~37,000, #blacksun~ 96,000

Small-#oldwillow ~4,000, #clifftemple~1,128, #romantemples~1,626


Protip: Some people are even turned off by putting hashtags in their posts. Something you can do to hide the “hideous” hashtags,, is to post hashtags in the comments instead of within the post. You can even comment an emoji and then post the hashtags as a reply to the emoji comment so they get hidden in the feed.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hashtagging, y’all!

XO, TeePublic

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