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Photoshop Templates and Pre-Made Ads!


You may have seen designers posting ads for their TeePublic stores. Did you know that you can make your very own TeePublic ads using our templates? (Don't worry, they're complete with instructions, models, and products!) And, if you're short on time, you can easily download and share our pre-made ads?

Whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP, we've got you covered! We provide templates to create your own flyers for your stores and products. Once you get the hang of it, making your own advertisements is pretty simple! Below, you can download templates to make ads for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter. Or if you're feeling ambitious, you could even make your own GIF ad!

(For social media ads, you get a 1080x1080 Square option and a 1200x628 Rectangle option.)

Left: Example of ad template for Instagram grid. Right: Example of pre-made ad for Instagram grid.  


So, what are you waiting for? 

Click on the icon below to download pre-made ads for each platform: 

Click on the icons below to download the ad templates for each platform:


You can also watch this quick video walkthrough showing a basic overview of how to use the ads templates:

Interested in creating video ads? Check out, and watch their tutorial on creating a t-shirt video mockup!

More of a slideshow person? Try Movavi, where you can mix pictures, videos, and music!

No matter the path you choose, happy Photoshopping!

Don’t have a TeePublic shop yet?


Please note: by using this file, you agree that you possess the necessary rights to any content you use in connection with this file, including (1) company names and logos, (2) any person's name and face, and (3) any words or images created by someone else. 

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