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Roundup of 50+ Artist Relief Resources


Hey Gang!

How are you holding up? We hope you’re finding some small things to celebrate these days. For our part, we’ve loved clapping for essential workers every day at 7 PM. It’s a lovely way to feel a sense of community that we’ve all been missing so much. If you’re not here to experience this yourself, here’s what some parts of New York City, TeePublic’s hometown, looks like these days at 7 on the dot:

 Here at TeePublic at large, we're working hard to serve our artist community, both to keep things operational and to remain a reliable source of income for independent artists. But we also know that artists (and creatives of all types) have been hard-hit. We came across these two lists of grants, one-time stipends, and federal aid, and we wanted to make sure that we shared with you.

With thanks to ArtNet, below is a shortlist of their rounded-up US-only opportunities

  • Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund

    What it is: Funds in the amount of $200 per person, on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Who it’s for: Black, indigenous, and people of color artists or administrators in financial need.

  • Artists’ Fellowship, Inc

    What it is:  One-time grants to pay emergency medical bills.

    Who it’s for: Artists who are dealing with immediate medical emergencies and their aftermaths.

  • Artist Relief

    What it is: One-time $5,000 grants 

    Who it’s for: Artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19, including the lack or imminent endangerment of essentials such as housing, medicine, childcare, and food

  • Leveler

    What it is: Peer-to-peer wealth redistribution in small increments. Applicants fill out a form explaining how they’ve been impacted and others who are in better financial positions can donate.

    Who it’s for: People in the arts, hospitality, and gig economy who have been directly impacted by COVID-19. Funds go directly to the persons on the database via Venmo/PayPal.

  • Freelancers Relief Fund

    What it is: Up to $1,000 in financial assistance per freelance household to cover lost income and essential expenses including food, supplies, utility payments, and cash assistance to supplement income loss.

    Who it’s for: Freelancers who primarily reside in the United States who have experienced a sudden decrease in income of 50 percent or more as a result of COVID-19, due to cancellation, loss of work, or caring for family members. These include sole proprietors and limited liability companies where there is only one employee.

  • Artist Relief Project 

    What it is: One-time emergency stipend in the amount of $200.

    Who it’s for: Any artist in any discipline who has been impacted by COVID19-related cancellations and closures may apply for assistance.

  • And don't forget to check for your city and state's relief programs; there may be some for which you qualify!

For a full list of resources, click here.

With thanks to The Art Newspaper, below is a borrowed shortlist of global funding opportunities:

For a full list of global resources, click here.

Though this list is far from complete, we hope that it gives you some buoyancy and comfort, two things we can all use these days. 

Do you know of other resources you’d like to share with us? Get in touch here.

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