So Your Awesome Store is On Sale. Now What?


Today, let's chat about site sales and how to take advantage of them for maximal revenue. We have a few resources for you to use when sale time rolls around. Don't sleep on these!

First of All: So What?

'What does it matter that my store's on sale?' you might be shouting to the heavens. Well, the reasons are two-fold:

1. Potential for Sales:

During sale times, the price of your tees drops to $14, a 30% decrease. So, many fans like to stock up during this time. Why not help them outfit their wardrobe with your great designs? 

2. Organic Search:

As you might know, organic search is huge on our site. This is especially true during sale time: Our site sees more traffic and purchases during sale times than any other typical day of the week. This means that more eyes are roving our site, ready to purchase the cool, new designs they come across.

Ad Templates: What/How/Why

1. What

Two weeks before (+ one day prior to) sale time, we send out an email to all designers, which looks a little something like this: 

store on sale

The email reminds you of the sale dates, the sale prices of your products, and ad templates which you can download for your social networks.

2. How

Simply download the templates you'd like to use by clicking on the social source and opening it in Illustrator or Photoshop.

ad template

Each ad template file includes instructions on how to upload your work. Be sure to hide the instruction layer when you are finished!

ad template

Finally, upload the ad template to your social media page.

Go ahead, promote your store!

3. Why

To guide your fans to your storefront to stock up on your stuff, of course! Your fans want to know all about you. And we want to help you make your sale the most successful it can be.

Want something else? Maybe some extra mocks? Try PlaceIt!

PlaceIt: What/How

1. What 

We've partnered with PlaceIt to get you 15% off a subscription, which will allow you to get more mock-ups for your designs! 

2. How

Simply click at the bottom of the sale email to proceed.


We hope this quick guide will help you understand our site sales, why they matter to you, and how you can use those times to leverage sales for your storefront.

If ever you have questions about this or anything else, reach out to [email protected]

XO, TeePublic 

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