What do your TeePublic Earnings allow you to do?


Since so many of you have found success on the TeePublic platform, we wanted to share tips and tricks regarding what you may have done to get there, and what you do to keep growing your business. With that, today's testimonial concerns this question:

What do your TeePublic earnings allow you to do?* 

Improve my business:

"[They allow me to] keep expanding my t-shirt company and make my brand better."

- TheLIE


"They allow me to produce my children's books."


Pay my bills:

"TeePublic allows me to flex my creativity and make ends meet at the same time."



"All the money I make with TeePublic goes right back into my art career. This includes paying for tables at comic cons, buying new equipment, or replacing pencils and markers."



"I work full time as a t-shirt artist, so TeePublic [earnings are] a great part of my [total] earnings to pay my bills."

- Olipop

Work from anywhere:

"I have always loved to draw; my [earnings] from TeePublic not only allow me to continue doing what I love, [but] they also allow me to be a stay-at-home mom! I feel incredibly thankful that I don't have to stress over leaving my toddler at a sitter's or in a daycare in order to earn money, as I can simply create and set up my artwork from home at my own pace."

- Ellador

For these artists, having a TeePublic shop allows them to live a fuller life in so many ways. Do you have similar dreams for your t-shirt business?  Check out our next installments of Testimonial Tuesday to find out how artists like them make it work.

And if you're new to designing for tees, and this sounds like something you'd like to try, we'd love to have you!


*These responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

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