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Printers Hoodies


This machine kills fascists design

Tags: feminism, feminist, women, book-history, printers


Nevertheless she persisted lady printer design

Tags: printers, persisted, feminism, wbhb, feminist

Tags: digital-humanities, feminism, letterpress, wbhb, press

Tags: womens-book-history, wbhb, press, book-history, feminist

Tags: women, wbhb, historian, bibliography, feminism

Tags: womens-book-history, bibliography, printers, women, book-history

Lady Printers Hoodie

by wbhb
$45 $35

Obsolete Gang

Tags: quinnland, 2017, 2016, bodega-boys, time-travel

Fax Don't Matter Hoodie

by justnclrk
$45 $35

Tags: wbhb, womens-book-history, book-history, press, feminism

Main Tag

It's a conflict as old as time itself. Brave sysadmins face down these beastly machines, sometimes winning, but mostly losing.

Tags: printer, sysadmin, tech, geek, systems

Printers, amirite? Hoodie

by chadismo
$45 $35

The WBHB logo

Tags: quill, letterpress, digital-humanities, feminism, book-history

Tags: womens-book-history, wbhb, printers, bibliography, feminist

Tags: historians, wbhb, feminist, letterpress, printers

Tags: letterpress, women, digital-humanities, feminist, feminism

Main Tag

Dedicated to all professional Letterpress Printers, this was a Group that I was part of back in the 60's. We were all starting out our careers in Letterpress Printing and formed this Club/Fraternity dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg the founder of Letterpress Printing.

Tags: printers, johannes-gutenberg, letterpress, printer-printing-icon, woodcut

Gutenberg Letterpress Printers Hoodie

by bicyclephil
$45 $35

Nevertheless she persisted lady printer design, in white

Tags: feminism, wbhb, women, persisted, printers


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