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Beliefs Phone Cases


Sometimes you just need to stand for your beliefs. If you buy please send me a photo at laspaginasdealex@gmail.com it’ll help me a lot. Thank you, all profits go to my college fund

Tags: fight, you, beliefs, meme, tumblr

I'll Fight You Phone Case

by alexbookpages

Hungry, stay foolish. It's a motivating mantra for your life. Perfect for dreamers, doers, actors, and anyone who wants to live their best possible wife. Keep dreaming, keep thinking, keep acting on your beliefs and vision. Follow your heart and your dreams. Stay motivated to do great things and experiment with your life. Life is a great adventure, live it fully. Life is what you make it, and it starts with your thoughts and beliefs followed by your actions.

Tags: motivation, stay, dreamers, mantra, foolish

Tags: parody, design, cool, cute, long-sleeve

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Jesus Portrait.

Tags: you, clean, professional, designer, classy

Jesus Portrait Phone Case

by redhornet

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