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Horrorpunk Phone Cases


A tribute to a classic horror film "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"

Tags: christmas-gifts, horrorpunk, classic, fish, illustration


Inspired by the work of Stephen King; the beast the follows all those who wander too far away from the path, and takes those who lose all hope.

Tags: monster, philosophy, horrorpunk, animal, laurel

The World Has Teeth Phone Case

by KJonesDesigns

Live, laugh, love? Nah. Too basic. Live, laugh, lobotomy is more like it! Live life to its fullest with glazed over eyes and drool running down your chin!

Tags: love-life, horror-movies-rule, horrorpunk, horror-fan, horrormovies

Tags: rock, themisfits, jerry-only, glenn-danzig, punk


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