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Magnets Phone Cases

Tags: doodle, illustration, drawing, funny, pun

Opposites Attract Phone Case

by MattAndrews

Tags: breaking-bad, yeah-bitch, magnet-bitch, breakingbad, walterwhite

Magnets Phone Case

by quinnsnake

Tags: pong, magnets, plastic

Plastic Magnets Phone Case

by Lewisgr16

Because, let's face it, electromagnetism is just so attractive

Tags: quotes, flat, minimalist, logo, minimalism

Magnus Magnets Phone Case

by Arahziel

Tags: how-do-they-work, magnet, insaneclownposse, icp, meme

F***ing Magnets Phone Case

by VibrantEchoes

Science, Bitch.

Tags: bb, pinkman, science, magnets, walter


Magnets, how do they work?

Tags: physics, scientist, magnetism, magnets

Magnet Man Phone Case

by 319heads
Main Tag

Available in other colors!

Tags: magnets, jesse-pinkman, breaking-bad, design, art


Yo man! You have just broken into Pinkman’s World! Mashup design inspired by Breaking Bad tv series and Beakman’s World.

Tags: tv-series, awesome, funny, parody, mashup


Best served with a side of (raw) jellybeans

Tags: art, woah-jonny, the-gang, television-art, low-brow

Milk Steak Phone Case

by Woah_Jonny

Tags: gaming, pinball, tilt, pinball-machine, arcade

Never Tilt Pinball Additive Phone Case

by MindsparkCreative

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Tags: pokemon, magnemite, magneton, magnets, how

Magnet Balls Phone Case

by Aniforce

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