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Pomeranians Phone Cases


The perfect gift for Pomeranian lovers!

Tags: pom-dog, pet, pomeranian-mom, dog-lover, dog


Pomeranian puppy impersination of Madonnas Vogue!

Tags: vogue, puppy, adorable, animals, funny

Vogue Pomeranian Phone Case

by dailypomeranian

This is a great gift for someone of all ages. Wear it with pleasure or gift it to someone that loves dogs

Tags: pomeranians, pomeranian-dog, pomeranian, i-love-dogs, animals


This canine companion gift shirt is perfect for the person who loves their Pom Pom and other tiny dogs. Get your German Spitz gift tee ordered in time for a trip to the pet store for doggie treats and flea & tick treatment.

Tags: love, pets, dogs, puppy, pet


Looking for the perfect Pomeranian gift? This shirt features a cute Pomeranian dog graphic doing the popular dab dance. This tee makes a great Christmas gift or birthday present for kids, adults, family, friends or Pomeranian owners. Wear this funny Pomeranian dab t-shirt and show the world the Pomeranian lover you are!

Tags: pomeranian-christmas, pomeranian-love, pomeranian-funny, pomeranian-dog, pomeranian-dab


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