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Attempt Baseball T-Shirts


Inktober Day 5: Abstract day on the woods and the Indian everywhere

Tags: painting, abstract, peru, inca, inktober2017


Let me laugh at your attempt to control me, inspired by uhohwow's tweet.

Tags: independent, independent-woman, control-freak, introvert, social-justice


A wild Pika... ugh.. Jerboa?

Tags: ark, dino, pikachu, pokeball, attempt


It requires skills and talant to be a potter. Get this if you are a professional potter and show everyone that pottery is not as easy as they think. Makes a great gift too for those excellent potters you know!

Tags: creative-person, craftspeople, handicraft, crafting, craftsperson

Tags: minimalistic, minimal, abstract, landscape, nature


You can't control me. A pocket print version of Let me laugh at your attempt to control me, inspired by uhohwow's tweet.

Tags: sagittarius, leo, sagittarius-woman, human-rights, determination


Every life matters. Suicide is not the answer.

Tags: suicide-survivor, suicide-attempt, n-suicide, suicides, helpline


From the series “Code”, oil and graphite pencil on paper, original size 28 x 50 cm, 2016. A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscape. An alien intelligence, observing our cities from the great distances of the space, could interpret them as the characters of an alphabet, sort of messages, a code of signs, each one different from the other, each with its own meaning and its own syntax. This hypothetical alien presence may not even realize that these cities have a purpose and a function, which are the product of the way we have adapted to live on this planet, but it could engage in an attempt to interpret this unknown language, identifying the alphabet and associating to each character a precise meaning. We will still be able to understand and share this new meanings, or will they have lost any sense for us?

Tags: oil-and-graphite-pencil-on-paper, 30-x-30-cm-a-map-is-an-imprint, a-sign-of-man-in-the-landscape-an-alien-intelligence, observing-our-cities-from-the-great-distances-of-the-space, could-interpret-them-as-the-characters-of-an-alphabet

The cities of Mars Baseball T-Shirt

by federicocortese

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