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Contractors Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: rei, kat, hei, lightening, black


This is not a fashion but its a way of life. You can’t find this anywhere in store. A great collector item! Excavator, Dozer, Tower Crane, Dump Truck, Cranes, Welder and any more

Tags: contractor, contractors, coal, coal-miner, heavy-equipment-operator

Caterpillar 797B Baseball T-Shirt

by damnoverload

101st Airborne Division 2/502nd B.CO Renegades, and on 4 June,the Renegades came under attack after a presence patrol. The Renegades were hit with an RPG while mounting vehicles to take them back the base.The attack resulted in 6 injured soldiers and one KIA. PFC. Brandon Oberleitner was killed on impact as the RPG struck the lead vehicle he was sitting in. His death marked the only loss of life for B.Co for the deployment. Soon after this attack the 3rd Armoured Cavalry was forced to request an additional 1,500 troops to help quell the growing resistance faced in Fallujah and nearby al-Habaniyya. In June, American forces began confiscating motorcycles from local residents, claiming that they were being used in hit-and-run attacks on coalition forces

Tags: agent-carter, star, 6th, pers, personnel


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