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Crossed Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: skull, viking, illustration, weapon, warrior


crossed comic t shirt

Tags: comics, gore, artwork, humor, scary

your turn Baseball T-Shirt

by Paskalamak

Fingers crossed.

Tags: naughty, trick, crossed, fingers


A crossover of MTV's "Daria" and Garth Ennis's "Crossed".

Tags: daria, mtv, garth-ennis, crossed, daria-morgendorffer


Some crossed Dadao Chinese swords. A cool design for all the cool people out there. It gives a some sort of gangster feel. The design is loosly based on the design wore by Jackie Ma a character of the game; sleeping Dogs.

Tags: illustration, art, vector, graphic, graphic-design


Small words can communicate so much. This simple, classic crossed-arrow Love design can show the world what you *really* think in no more than 4 letters. Show the love!

Tags: crossed, arrow-decor, love-crossed-arrow, crossed-arrow-design, arrow-design

Tags: doubd, anti, out, procrastination, ubt

Doubt Baseball T-Shirt

by hoopoe

A pirate's life for me =D

Tags: pirate, crossed, swords, sabres, serial

Pirates rock Baseball T-Shirt

by SerialWordAbuser

Follow Me is a United States Army memorial located at Fort Benning, Georgia. It was created in 1959 by two soldiers, Private First Class Manfred Bass, sculptor and designer, and Private First Class Karl H. Van Krog, his assistant. The model for the statue was Eugene Wyles, an officer candidate and ten-year Army veteran. It depicts a 1950s-era infantry soldier charging forward and gesturing for others to follow. Originally called The Infantryman, the statue was installed on Eubanks Field on May 3, 1960. In 1964, it was renamed Follow Me and moved in front of Infantry Hall. Some students and graduates of the U.S. Army Infantry School call the statue "Iron Mike", after Lieutenant General John W. "Iron Mike" O'Daniel, but most soldiers use the term Iron Mike to refer to the Airborne Trooper statue at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Reverse of the statue In 2004, a new bronze version was cast and the original statue was moved to the front of the National Infantry Museum. "Follow Me!" is also the US Army Infantry motto.

Tags: army, united, states, infantry, follow


The 5th Cavalry Regiment ("Black Knights") is a historical unit of the United States Army that began its service in the decade prior to the American Civil War and continues in modified organizational format in the U.S. Army

Tags: insignia, military, veteran, vet, sabers


Two blue Dadao (Chinese broadswords or big swords) in a cross. These swords were used by various people on al walks of life, from soldiers during the Second World War, till martial arts. From pirates till the triads.

Tags: vector, chinese, dadao, martial-arts, graphic-design


Some crossed Chinese broadsword with the Chinese hanzi symbols for ‘’big sword’’ or ’’Dadao’’. It is based on a older design of mine. The dadao or dao is one of the four traditional weapons of China. If you’re fan of the dadao or can wield one as it’s used by various martial arts forms then this is the right design for you. I also wanted to give it a urban like look.

Tags: kung-fu, graphic-design, big-sword, martial-arts, dadao


Sans from “Undertale videogame” in Jolly Roger style.

Tags: death, gamer, pirates, cross-bones, crossed-bones


Show your woodsman pride with this ax graphic design.

Tags: lumber, lumbersexual, logo, design, graphic

Ax Emblem Baseball T-Shirt

by emberstudio

Tags: tattoo-design, skeleton, cool-skull, urban, vector

Tags: warrior, templars, templar, soldier, shield


Cool Festival shirt. The ultimate clothes for all Techno, Rock & Roll, Electro, House, Hardcore, Metal, Drum & Bass, Ska, Reggae, Lovers. Super gift for any DJ, musician and Raver. Cool crossed syringe's filled with Music. A must have for all straight edge hardcore guys!

Tags: party, music, drugs, dance, hardcore

Tags: santa, skull, illustration, drawing, death

Santa skull Baseball T-Shirt

by mangulica

Tags: comic, helmet, skull, viking, illustration


Gunnery sergeant (GySgt) is the seventh enlisted rank in the United States Marine Corps, just above staff sergeant and below master sergeant and first sergeant, and is a staff non-commissioned officer (SNCO). It has a pay grade of E-7. The gunnery sergeant insignia consists of two M1 Garands centered vertically between three chevrons and two rockers

Tags: ng, guard, national, id, div


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