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Dover Baseball T-Shirts


This is a vintage pictorial map of Dover Delaware produced in 1885.

Tags: antique, history, historical, vintage, old


Curse you, Dover Boys!

Tags: meme, dank-memes, dan-backslide, dover


This is a maze in the shape of the State of Delaware. The maze begins on the upper left and ends on the lower right.

Tags: wilmington, dover, labyrinth, maze, northeast


Funny name shirts funny gift ideas hello my name is Ben Dover

Tags: ben-dover, my-name-is-ben-dover, hello-my-name-is-ben-dover, funny-names, funny-name

Tags: motorcycle, port-dover, canada, destination-13, fire

Skeleton Rider Baseball T-Shirt

by FlylandDesigns

Hugh Mungus Shirt - Funny Slogan Meme T-Shirts is a play on words Gift Ideas, for going out and great for sparking topics of conversation with friends. Hugh Mungus was made popular recently and plays on funny names similar to Mike Hunt, Hugh Jass, Hugh Janus, Ben Dover and Jack Mehoff. my name is hugh mungus my name is Mike Hunt my name is Hugh Jass my name is Hugh Janus my name is Ben Dover my name is Jack Mehoff

Tags: hugh-mungus, my-name-is-inigo-montoya-you-killed-my-father-prepare-to-die, miracle-max, pirate-wesley, my-name-is-inigo-montoya


Funny name shirts funny gift ideas hello my name is Ali

Tags: ali, hello-my-name-is-ben-dover, funny-names, funny-name, funny


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