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Droplets Baseball T-Shirts


Droplets doodle

Tags: drops, cute, doodle, water, ride


Watercolor painting & white ink.

Tags: watercolor-painting, pattern, abstract, yellow-and-green, green-and-yellow


Paper Scrolls is a new series, where I have a box (takeaway box) with 64 paper scrolls with a random word written on, the idea is I take a scroll and create artwork from it. First word is Controversial, what came to mind was inkblot test so I started with that and went with that as when it inkblots were first used they had quite an impact of people. Timelapse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0zAnIUYfbI Materials: Black Indian Ink, Bristol Board and dip pen with nib.

Tags: controversial, dip-pen, paper-scrolls, black-indian-ink, ink


a close up of a pink daisy with water droplets

Tags: flowers, decorative, photography, nature, floral


This is new series to my channel, which I chose a word from my box of 64 now 61. 3nd word from my scrolls is "Edge". Materials: Black Indian Ink on Bristol Board. Timelapse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUADA_M-kyE

Tags: droplets, watercolor, black-indian-ink, black-ink, ink

Tags: art, multicolor, watercolor-painting, colorful, rainbow


Swim team text superimposed onto water droplets is a unique gift design for swimmers and swim team members at back to school, birthdays and holidays. Design copyright Karen A Barthol

Tags: diving, dive, flip-turn, stoke, butterfly

Tags: art, dark-blue, turquoise, cobalt-blue, royal-blue

Blue raindrops Baseball T-Shirt

by Savousepate

Tags: art, peach-color, pink-blue, coral-color, turquoise-color


Lotus flower resting in mystic waters

Tags: nature, watercolor, sparkles, reflection, water


3 dolphins jumping with droplets of ocean water

Tags: fish, water, aquatic-life, ocean-life, beach


Sharpedo used aqua jet!

Tags: sharpedo, aqua, jet, water, dark


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