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Flag Of Samoa Baseball T-Shirts


This unique design features the flag of Samoa painted on an aggressive skull. The Samoan colors cover the entire skull with large cracks snaking across the bone. This dark pattern is a unique way to show off your patriotism.

Tags: samoan, samoan-flag, flag-of-samoa, samoan-skull, samoan-pride

Samoan Flag Skull Baseball T-Shirt

by jeffbartels
$26 $20

This unique design features a cute baby elephant painted with the flag of Samoa. The over sized head and small body along with the details in the skin create a beautiful combination of a cartoon and realistic look. Reading glasses sit on the seated elephants nose which gives the pattern a playful look and intelligent, nerdy feel. This adorable design is a great way to show off your Samoan pride.

Tags: hipster, animal, elephant, baby-elephant, baby-elephant-wearing-glasses


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