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Galvatron Baseball T-Shirts


Bounty Hunter Brewing single batch craft beer. Transforming a volatile combination of grapefruit and blood orange into an unrelenting machine of powerful flavour to wage citric acid warfare on your tastebuds. Nothing will stand in the path of this once humble yet potent IPA in its own right, now enhanced and reconfigured. The Electro-Chemical Particle Accelerator is taking precise aim to enslave and punish all those who oppose.

Tags: bounty-hunter-brewing, pop-culture, craft-beer-gift, decepticons, movie-parody

Tags: spray, splatter, graphic, galvatron, megatron

TF - Chaos Bringer Baseball T-Shirt

by deadbunneh
$26 $20

Tags: world, game, car, cars, action


Destiny… You cannot destroy his destiny. For he is the chaos bringer, the devourer of the cosmos, the first evil. In his claws, planets will crumble, and in his maw, they will burn until all live is gone. Yes, even as a head. Well, not so much the claw part in that form.

Tags: galvatron, 80s, nostalgia, robot, evil

Chaos Never Dies Baseball T-Shirt

by CreatureCorp
$26 $20

The Chaos Bringer, the Mad Tyrant, the Warrior and the Tracker

Tags: robot, robots, sweeps-scourge, transformers-the-movie, eighties

Doombringers Baseball T-Shirt

by boltfromtheblue
$26 $20

Galvatron Transformers G1

Tags: 80scartoons, 80s, 80s-movies, transformers-g1, megatron


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