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Illustrious Baseball T-Shirts


Graphic design logo, digitally created using vector and pixel based applications, enhanced with graphic, typographic and artistic methods by Gary Grayson from Arlington, Texas.

Tags: military, sea, navy, ship

USS America Baseball T-Shirt

by GraysonDesign
$26 $20

kaji, turtle hermit

Tags: dragon-ball-z, turtle-hermit-kaji-dbz-dragon-ball-z, armaros, popular, dragon-ball


A white design to display your well know institution

Tags: black-girl-magic, university, college

Illustrious Spelman Baseball T-Shirt

by afrodynamite
$26 $20

Tags: red, mecha, illustrious, kouzou, armaros


This is a fan-art made by me with vectors. It's my tribute to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Tags: movie, manga, anime, girl, makinami

Makinami Mari Illustrious Baseball T-Shirt

by YueGraphicDesign
$26 $20

A shirt to express how well-known you institution is.

Tags: univerisity, college, school, black-girl-magic

Tags: single, solitude, illustrious, torwart, lonliness


This is (NOT) another Evangelion T-shirt

Tags: ikari, ayanami, shinji, asuka, retro

Mari Makinami Baseball T-Shirt

by tGst09
$26 $20

Tags: 2, 1, unit, genesis, neon

Tags: carrier, misato, 00, shinji-ikari, eva-01

Hungry EVA Baseball T-Shirt

by DoubleZero
$26 $20

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