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Inmate Baseball T-Shirts


In 1788 the British Empire established Australia as a penal colony. Part of this meant the construction of prisons for repeat offenders, the most notable being Port Arthur in Tasmania. The worst of the worst were forced to wear this black and yellow uniform dubbed "Magpie" (because the original version was black and white). The juxtaposed colours were inspired by medieval jesters and were meant to humiliate the inmates. Their leather cap had flaps that were kept tied at the top of the cap and could be untied to create a hat brim for hot days so they could be sun smart while working in chain gangs.

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Convict Baseball T-Shirt

by FieryWolf

Halloween Inmate Costume

Tags: inmate, jail, prison


Before he was the Delta Quadrant's best pilot, he was a guest of the Federation.

Tags: jail, star-trek-voyager, trekkie, spock, space


Be the crazy you want to see in the world

Tags: insane, arkham, arkham-asylum, arkham-city, arkham-origins


Xenu called this prison colony Teegeeack. Thetan colonies now call it "Earth" but this shirt is OLD SCHOOL

Tags: cult-of-the-month, aliens, prison, earth, scientology


This shirts design is a perfect funny tee that you can wear for Halloween, dressing up, cosplay, or in a costume party. Act like a convict, prisoner, internee or jailbird with this cool outfit. An entertaining tshirt for you! This novelty Prisoner Costume - Country Jail Inmate Funny T-Shirt Gift is a great apparel for the office party or a stag party. Do you wanna feel that you are in a jailhouse, lockup or in a cell? Wear this playful tshirts.

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Alcatraz Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

Tags: alex-vause, inmate, drama, us, womens-prison


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