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Jib Baseball T-Shirts


...nuff said. D.o.D J!B Art © J.!.B aka C.Ferguson

Tags: planet, champion, world, hitlist, champ


Gettin' down to punch time on the Hit List #0 is close to being finished, thought I'd give you all the shirt for the Earth Championship. Hope all those like. D.o.D J!B Art © J.!.B aka C.Ferguson

Tags: world, planet, jib, hitlist, champ


I was asked by my girlfriend to make a shirt after finishing her Hit List character that also goes Vonnie. DoD Nameplate originally drawn © Shavon Washington Art © J.!.B aka Chris Ferguson

Tags: queen, hitter, jib, vonnie, new-hitlist

HIT_LIST: VONNIE Baseball T-Shirt

by Jokerisback
$26 $20

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