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Kayfabe Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: wwe, prowrestling, wrestling, kayfabe, wwf

Kayfabe Baseball T-Shirt

by Wrestlefest
$26 $20

Tags: retro, vintage, trainspotting, 80s, choose-life

Choose Kayfabe Baseball T-Shirt

by wrasslebox
$26 $20

Tags: summerslam, wrestlemania, indy-wrestling, roh, tna


Don't read the backstage stuff, KEEP IT #KAYFABE

Tags: kayfabe-only, kayfabe-ony, pro-wrestling, wrestling, kayfabe

KEEP IT #KAYFABE Baseball T-Shirt

by jglass86
$26 $20

"Kayfabe" was the old school rule from pro wrestling that the wrestlers should stay in their wrestling characters during the wrestling event and in any public appearances in order to maintain a feeling of reality among the fans. Featuring the image of a pro wrestler/politician who has maintained kayfabe throughout the entire 2016 political election and somehow won. The PRESIDENT ELECT KAYFABE tee shirt is a stylish for the pro wrestling and political fan. The person that watches wrestling on one channel and the cable news on the other channel. Perfect for wearing to the main event, mixed martial arts event, school, comic book swap, convention, bookstore, gaming convention, movies, freedom rally, computer lab or simply for everyday wear. Show your pride in your individuality, knowledge, freedom, spirit, importance, originality and unique nature by rocking this initial t-shirt from Basement Mastermind. This is probably acceptable to the "smarts" too. When politics is looking more like pro wrestling these days than actual pro wrestling. Keepin' it real in DC!

Tags: political-campaign, presidential-campaign, vote, 2016-election, political

Tags: kayfabe-only, kayfabe, wrestle, political-satire, political


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