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M1 Baseball T-Shirts


A small tribute to a great rifle that participate in four wars; WW1, Germany, Japan and Vietnam... OOOA!

Tags: combat, military, veteran, retired, gun

Tags: national, iraq, squadron, vet, regiment


M1 Garand Rifle Patent in Black

Tags: black, patent-image, patent, guns, military


M1 Garand Rifle Patent in White

Tags: patent, white, rifles, garand-rifle, garand


The Crab Nebula in a jar with a masking tape tag of its code in the Messier Catalog of deep space objects (M1).

Tags: m1, crab, science, astronomy, night

Tags: m1, m6, m4, m5, m


Inspired by one of the great artists, this rendition incorporates two of the US military workhorses: The A-10 Warthog and the M1 Abrahms tank in this cool looking homage to another painting. Now you can own tank and tank killer in one awesome design. *GET YOURS TODAY, AND SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND SOCIAL MEDIA*

Tags: a-10, m1, warthog, a10, us-army


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