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Nox Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: demons, dark-souls, abyss, father-of-the-abyss, prepare-to-die

Vereor Nox Baseball T-Shirt

by Manoss
$26 $20

Tags: smite, smite-battleground-of-the-gods, smite-bacchus, smite-hou-yi, mages


I'm an old hardcore gamer. Westwood, along with Lucasfilm, was one of my favorites ever and I was heartbroken when Electronic Arts liquidated the brand, as Disney did with LucasArts. From 1985 o 2003, Westwood created masterpieces like Dune 2, Lands of Lore, Nox, Dragon Strike and even the Command & Conquer saga. Their graphics, sounds and techs were always top notch and everyone thought they could last forever… then EA happened. :-( This logo has been reconstructed completely in vectors, in respect of the original shape, colors, shades and lights, then scratched by hand… hope you like it!

Tags: studios, videogames, lands-of-lore, geek, virgin


lumos nox

Tags: jk-rowling, beasts-and-where-to-find-them, hogwarts, magic, potter

Magic words Baseball T-Shirt

by noreu
$26 $20

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