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Pippin Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: lotr, hobbit-pippin-billy-boyd, hobbit, pippin, billy-boyd

Pippin Baseball T-Shirt

by Blanquiurris

Tags: hobbit, the-hobbit, gaming, gandalf, elf


Celebrate your inner Sam Gamgee with this shirt!

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, elf, tolkien

Elves, Sir! Baseball T-Shirt

by pointnorthmedia

#DORK is not just a podcast anymore... it is also a T-shirt. Well it's a t-shirt that promotes the podcast.

Tags: fashion, podcast

#DORK Baseball T-Shirt

by DORKpodcast

Gollum's favorite brand of cereal!

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, pop-culture, movie, cereal-box, hobbit

Tags: art, parody, design, long-sleeve, cool


Flame of Udun

Tags: lotr, gandalf, hobbit, the-hobbit, the-lord-of-the-rings

Flame of Udun Baseball T-Shirt

by LegendaryPhoenix

Nothing is certain in life except Death and Taxes and Dragons.

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, lotr, the-hobbit, dragons, dragon


Sometimes you are just so merry that you have to say it more than once.

Tags: distressed, letterpress, joy, happy, christmas-greeting

Tags: xmas, elf, holiday, ethnic, christmas

Tags: alduin, greybeards, paarthurnax, riverwood, way of the voice


"One does not simply walk into Mordor..."

Tags: one-does-not-simply-walk-into-mordor, middle-earth, jrr-tolkien, gandalf-the-grey, the-fellowship


One shirt to rule them all!

Tags: the-wasp, wasp, ant-man, evangaline-lilly, tauriel


You Shall Not Pass!

Tags: elijah-wood, prancing-pony, billy-boyd, golum, bag-end


Brace yourselves! They’re coming to hunt some orc. None shall stand in their way.

Tags: aragorn, gimli, lord-of-the-rings, the-lord-of-the-rings, elves

The Three Hunters Baseball T-Shirt

by ShadyEldarwen

A typography style piece of the famous phrase.

Tags: lotr, lord-of-the-rings, not-all-who-wander-are-lost


He is fire, he is death. He's the only king under the mountain. Beware!


This cute trending classic tee is specially designed for the geeky, nerdy type of people that enjoy a good laugh.

Tags: adorkable, nerdy-gifts, humor, funnygeek, funny



Tags: fantasy, tolkien, mordor, rings, nazgul


For all the elves that are cotton headed ninny muggins.

Tags: saying, humor, funny, elf, buddy-hobbs


Celebrimbor and Talion weapon

Tags: lotr, game, nemesis, gandalf, the-hobbit


Quoty Salad - A healthy mix of encouragement. Fancy a healthy collaboration? Email us at quotysalad@gmail.com! Use #quotysalad in Instagram to get featured.

Tags: movie, the-hobbit, j-r-r-tolkien, film-series, series


Do you need an army of Santa's helpers to wrap presents, hang strings of lights and decorate the tree? These elves are here with their colorful hats to make some toys. Great gift for your buddy who plays Santa Claus. Wear to the work office holiday party, family reunion, watching a favorite Christmas movie, organizing volunteers at the shelter, or planning secret presents. Perfect for a teacher with a classroom of little elves. Graphic license Vecteezy.

Tags: elf-movie, elf-hat, holiday, santas-helpers, santa-claus


One Banana to rule them all, One Banana to find them, One Banana to bring them all, and banana banana BANANA! This design is a crossover between the minions from Despicable Me, and the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings.

Tags: frodo-baggins, billy-boyd, elijah-wood, samwise-gamyi, mary

Tags: middle-earth, tolkien, silmarillion, sauron, finrod


Put the dog in the basket...

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, lord-of-the-rings-the-fellowship-of-the-ring, lord-of-the-rings-the-two-towers, lord-of-the-rings-return-of-the-king, return-of-the-king

Precious Baseball T-Shirt

by wytrab8

Tags: middle earth, lord of the rings, thorin oakenshield, bilbo baggins, legolas

Tags: desolation-of-smaug, dragon, smaug-the-stupendous, smaug-the-dragon

Tags: simpsons, cool, humor, geeky, funny

Tags: magic, fantasy, cute, chibi, lord


If Gollum thought the One Ring was so “precious”, then why didn’t he just WEAR IT ON HIS FINGER ALL THE TIME?

Tags: lord-of-the-rings, the-hobbit, pop-culture, lotr, funny


Thorin Oakenshield and his twelve brave dwarves plan to follow Bilbo to the Lonely Mountain on an unexpected journey!

Tags: books, thorin-oakenshield, novels, the-hobbit, oceans-eleven

Tags: maniac, creepy, spooky, movies, remake


Who's the dork here? Oh yeah...it's me ;)

Tags: geeks, dorks, geeky, dork-pride, dorky

Dork Baseball T-Shirt

by we3enterprises

Updated version of this design, if you prefer that one feel free to get it instead! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/89526-evenstar

Tags: fellowship, fellowship-of-the-ring, evenstar, river, argonath


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