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Soos Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: gruncle-stan, book, falls, gravity, gravity-falls

Bill Baseball T-Shirt

by Minilla

With Weirdmageddon in full swing, we honor the mighty Bill Cipher with his update on the cast of Gravity Falls!

Tags: gravity-falls, bill-cipher, mabel-pines, dipper-pines, wendy-corduroy

Tags: gravity-falls, soos

Soos Baseball T-Shirt

by gmurphy328

Tags: controler, old-school, youtuber, logo, soos

SooS Baseball T-Shirt

by SilverSoo

Tags: interrogation, falls, gravity, cosplay, disney

Tags: mabel-pines, walt-disney, bugs-bunny, thats all folks, pigglet


or how to summon a demon... Since the summer is here, we should celebrate and how could you better celebrate than with a summoning of Bill Cipher, resident dream demon.

Tags: dream-demon, gruncle-stan, bill, mystery-shack, mabel-pines

Tags: bill-cipher, mabel-pines, dipper-pines

Tags: dipper-pines, mabel-pines, soos, dipper, mabel

Tags: gravity-falls, g, weirdmageddon, bill cipher, bill

Tags: mystery-shack, gruncle, disney, sweater, bill-cipher


My tribute to two fantastic shows. Spot the cameos.

Tags: stranger-things, bill-cipher, mabel, dipper, mabel-pines


The infamous wheel of Bill Cipher. Appearing in the cartoon ‘’Gravity Falls.’’ He is watching you.

Tags: graphics, illustration, mabel, dipper, soos


The failed attempt at being hip.

Tags: waddles, mr-waddles, mabel, pig, piggy

Waddles Baseball T-Shirt

by flyingkoala

Bill Cipher of Gravity Falls

Tags: all-seeing-eye, bill-cipher, cartoon, illuminati, beware


What if the Doctor had to go and investigate all the anomalies going on at Gravity Falls?! But lucky for the Doctor the mystery twins are the 1st ones to find him.

Tags: doctor-who-shirt, crossover, tardis-shirt, tardis, the-doctor


You can see it all through a Pine's point of view...haha

Tags: dipper-pines, disney, stan, mabel-pines, mystery-shack

Tags: mabel, dipper, waddles, bill-cipher, mystery-shack


Tired of normal boring tours of watching coral grow? What about seeing ghost fire coral? or the Ghost Ships? or Ghost Ships named the Fire Coral? Hurry and buy one of these shirts so that you too can be a part of supernatural history. **reposted by original artist

Tags: stan-o-war-ii, the-author-of-the-journals, the-author, ford-pines, grunkle-stan

Tags: soos, gravity-falls, disney, animation, bill-cipher

Tags: gravityfalls, gf, gravity-falls, gravity falls


The WHAT? weather vane that sits atop the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls.

Tags: tv-shows, mabel, mabel-pines, disney-xd, mystery-shack

Tags: cartoons, disney-xd, disney, merry-christmas, holidays

mabel pines Baseball T-Shirt

by inkpocket

a good jew

Tags: soosa-nickname-cool-grandma-funny, my-little-pony, soos, mabel-pines, star-wars


Angry Bill from Gravity Falls

Tags: gravity-falls, mabel, dipper, soos, mabel-pines


Part 8 of my Pretty Pretty Princess Series

Tags: rock, tattooed-princess, tattoos, punk-princess, punk



Tags: dog, reggae, mary-jane, 420, marijuana

WEEDDLES Baseball T-Shirt

by BeardDesign

Tags: pines, cute, mashup, dipper, mabel

Cute Dipper Baseball T-Shirt

by Samtronika

Beware of the Bunny!

Tags: bill-cipher, disney-xd, cipher, supernatural, triangle

Tags: marty-mcfly, time-travel, uncle-stan, doc-brown, dipper

Falls to the Future Baseball T-Shirt

by artnessbyjustinbrown

Gravity Falls, Oregon is Just West of Weird

Tags: mabel, dipper, bill-cipher, gravity, falls


When Gravity Falls and the earth become sky Fear the beast with just one eye

Tags: bill-cipher, mabel, dipper, mabel-pines, dipper-pines


If you're a true fan of Gravity Falls or just a fan of the Illuminati... - you might want this awesome Weirdmageddon shirt! Bill Cipher in his weirdmageddon form is waiting for you in the next side of the gate, look up for him between the trees of Gravity Falls forest!

Tags: bill-chiper, apocalypse, trees, scary, pyramid

Tags: gravity, falls, bill-cipher, mabel, dipper


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