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Spanner Baseball T-Shirts


There's a hidden message in there that has a high probability in boosting your game.... Maybe this will clear it up a lil... YOU WANder Through The wOrld Hoping to AVoiding Essentially that what you SEek eXternally; Wh*I*msey THe Most usEd justificatioN fOr Walking away…

Tags: nerd, geek, sapiosexual, subliminal, subliminal-message

Tags: 90s, tv, car, wood, hammer

TOOL KING Baseball T-Shirt

by RangerRob

If you’re a tool, you need this shirt!

Tags: tools, guys-funny, men, guys, humor

Tool Baseball T-Shirt

by JasonLloyd

RepairPDX.org is fantastic!

Tags: portlandia, portland, maker, make, fix

Be a better fan -bk Baseball T-Shirt

by WisdomAndPolitics
$26 $20

Tags: motorcycleclub, skull, zombie, zombie-apocalypse, horror

Tags: horror, kill-zombies, zombie-apocalypse, zombies

SLAB CITY EVENT Baseball T-Shirt

by SinisterGrinPre

Need More Clamps Woodworker Mechanic Tool

Tags: job, dad, father, manly, mans

Tags: spanner, work, job, worker, uniform

Wrench Baseball T-Shirt

by strat1963

Also check out the "Trust me I'm and Enigneer" shirt

Tags: screw, hilarity, wrong, wrench, spanner

Tags: man, pattern, watercolour, hammer, boyfriend

Workers Tools Baseball T-Shirt

by Elena_ONeill

Funny Handyman T-Shirt and accessories - great for those who are handymen, carpenters, groundskeepers, electricians and plumbers

Tags: mechanic, spanner, tools, fixer, construction-worker


Engineering Shirt (with spelling joke) www.hedgehogtees.com

Tags: dad, university, graduate, screw, tool


Dear America, Please vote for the right tool for the job, not a right tool for the job. You may be able to guess who inspired this design. I guess we all have our own opinion on which politicians qualify as "right tools". I guess some would say all of them. This is just a bit of fun political satire.

Tags: donald trump, rick santorum, marco rubio, rick perry, rand paul


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