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Tank Engine Baseball T-Shirts


Thomas being cheeky, always puts on this cute face. He'd blow his whistle loudly while Gordon was asleep, then he'd run off laughing.

Tags: train, gordon, island-of-sodor, steam-train, thomas-and-friends


Thomas' face when he was very upset. Getting into trouble, or forgetting to take his carriages with him when he pulled the express. This drawing is based off the series 1 models.

Tags: thomas-the-tank-engine, percy, thomas-and-friends, henry, james


After being pushed down the hill by the Troublesome trucks, Thomas is exhausted and in need of a rest. This facial expression is from the first TV series.

Tags: thomas-and-friends, island-of-sodor, thomas-tank-engine, percy, henry


Thomas cheerfully puffing along his Branch line. *peep peep*

Tags: puffing, tank-engine, henry, percy, gordon

Tags: tank-engine, thomas, number-1, island-of-sodor


Thomas just realized he left the guard behind! This drawing is based off series 1 of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends.

Tags: henry, thomas-and-friends, gordon, edward, james


"You know what I think it is? Its ditch-water" Thomas' cheeky smelly face. Always loved how this one was sculpted. Was a struggle drawing this one.

Tags: edward, gordon, island-of-sodor, henry, steam-engine


Thomas & Friends in Pop Art influenced style.

Tags: thomas, thomas-friends, tank-engine, edward, henry



Tags: military, tank, tank-engine, veteran, soldier

War tank Baseball T-Shirt

by PaunLiviu

Take along the world's favorite Welsh tank engine in this delightful design based on the tentpole "Tillie to the Rescue" special!

Tags: steam-engine, crotoonia, ivor-the-engine, train, tank-engine


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