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The Worm Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: animal, face, one-hundred-feet, colorful, colors


He loves you!

Tags: flower, cute, bug

Oh Worm Baseball T-Shirt

by orbart

Tags: marriage, wedding, dune


The happiest little worm ever!

Tags: ecstatic, happy, art, childrensillustration, illustration

Ecstatic Worm Baseball T-Shirt

by TacosandTeaParties

Meet worm, the wriggly member of the family.

Tags: creatures, animal, monsters, creature, cute

Tags: cartoon, wormhole, humor, science

Wormhole Baseball T-Shirt


Tags: skull, funny, cute, boo, halloween

worm in skull Baseball T-Shirt

by casandrang

WorryFarm is the farm of the worried animals!

Tags: maggot, worms-3d, worm-hole, nature-lovers, nature

Tags: worms, fun, marvel, comic

Tags: socks, friend

Tags: artsy, artistic, graphic-design, design, art


worm outa dirt

Tags: worms, animal

worm Baseball T-Shirt

by GingerGear12

Tags: melange, muaddib, dune, arrakis, spice


Sometimes you just gotta.

Tags: humor, funny, insect, bug, cute

Cronch Baseball T-Shirt

by Fruitytee

Someone been bugging you lately? Let this passive-aggressive earth worm express how you feel today!

Tags: mouth, teeth, dirt, earth, mood


This Cute Inchworm has an Idea (thus the lightbulb going off over his head!)

Tags: art, children, loving, creature, critter

Cute Inchworm with an Idea Baseball T-Shirt

by CuteCrittersWithHeart

Who do you call when the Deadites are a creeping and your all alone in the not so nice part of the woods? ASH BITCH!!!

Tags: abstract, ash, evil-dead, boomstick, army-of-darkness

ASH BITCH! Baseball T-Shirt

by paintchips

Many happy worms will devour your body to the bone this Halloween. If you look well you will find different characters. Vector illustration.

Tags: worm, fun, horror, body, death

Tags: retro, nintendo, video-game, videogame, game

Tags: humor, bird, animal, quotes, joke

Tags: earthworms, cute, insect, worm, animal

Tags: mission, funny, blue, mistake, scary

Space worm Baseball T-Shirt

by jakubridky

Tags: worm, love, valentine, cut, sweet

Worm Love Baseball T-Shirt

by SophieCorrigan

Tags: graphic-design, design, art, black-and-white, animals

Tags: graphic-design, design, art, sea-life, sea


1 of several new shirts inbound for the book lover in us all :)

Tags: book, book-lover, books, reading, read


kill fish

Tags: fish, kill, fishing

kill fish Baseball T-Shirt

by gazonula

Why put in the effort when you can just sleep through it?

Tags: lazy, worm, ostrich, funny


A hydrothermal vent dominated by giant Riftia tube worms

Tags: hydrothermal-vent, deep-sea, abyss


Only the cool kids remember Earthworm Jim! Digital painting i did a while back. WEBSITE: www.dsilvadesigns.com ETSY : https://www.etsy.com/shop/dsilvadesigns PRINT SHOP: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/dsilvadesigns/ T-SHIRTS https://www.teepublic.com/stores/d-silva-designs BLOG : http://dsilvaart.blogspot.com MY EBAY STORE: http://www.ebay.com/sch/dsilvabarred DEVIANT ART : www.dsilvabarred.deviantart.com FAN PAGE : www.facebook.com/dsilvadesigns STORE : https://squareup.com/market/dsilvadesigns INSTAGRAM : www.instagram.com/dsilvadesigns OR @dsilvadesigns TWITTER :www.twitter.com/dsilvadesigns OR @dsilvadesigns TUMBLR : www.dsilvadesigns.tumblr.com YOU TUBE : https://www.youtube.com/c/DannySilvadesigns TSU - https://www.tsu.co/dsilvadesigns

Tags: girl, video-games, dsilva-designs, dsilvadesigns, danny-silva

Earthworm Jim! Baseball T-Shirt

by dsilvadesigns

Cheeky Worm Baseball T-Shirt

by Cheekyworm

Tags: comic, character, retro, 90s, pixelart

The Worm Baseball T-Shirt

by PixelFaces

A little fun with angry birds

Tags: funny-tee, funny-tee-shirts, lolfunny, funny-tshirt, cartoon

Worm Bully Baseball T-Shirt

by thomcat23


Tags: glitch, space, stars, stone-busts, concept

THE WORM Baseball T-Shirt

by ezelinski
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