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Traingle Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: devil, satanic, ghotic, dark, decorative

Tags: art, digital-artwork, vibrant, colour, bold

Leak Baseball T-Shirt

by ThanksAnyway

The simple, geometrical theme will make a wonderful shirt for any nature and wild animal lover. The drawing features a deer silhouette placed in the middle of a circle, which is filled with an intricate triangles pattern. The forest inspired illustration is hand-drawn by Anna Grunduls and digitally traced and edited. The white line work matches every background color and cares for a fresh, modern, bright look of the apparel piece and surprises with the small detail like antlers hidden between the millions of triangles.

Tags: work, animal, art, simple, geometrical


Some triangle with some stars, galaxies and other objects in space. If you like space then this is the right design for you.

Tags: vector, illustration, art, badass, nice


Sacred Geometry with a nice colorfull design.

Tags: sacred-geometry, sacred-flower, divine, colorful, esoteric

Dimensional Cube Baseball T-Shirt

by MokshaVisions

Tags: wave-shores, acrylic-art, art, traingle, altj

Waves Baseball T-Shirt

by alyrill_

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