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Weirder Baseball T-Shirts


Weirder Stuff

Tags: things, stuff, stranger, weirder, parody


A Parody of "Stranger Things" on Netflix!

Tags: science, weird-fiction, something-weird, weird-stuff, wild-things


Are you prepared for the ThessalHydra? Purchasing this shirt will guarantee a 13 or higher on your next roll. It won't, however, be able to choose whether you want to cast Protection or Fireball. Made from the finest fibers exported straight out of the Upside Down. Get yours today!

Tags: stranger-things, stranger, things, weirder, stuff

Weirder Stuff Baseball T-Shirt

by TheArcaneGinger

There's this show I love. Some kids lose someone close when they are transported to another world. And there's D&D! Man, I love Gravity Falls...and Stranger Things... Grab this Stranger Things/Gravity Falls crossover in time for season two of Stranger Things!

Tags: humor, horror, disney, mystery-shack, dipper-pines


Let's face it: Austin's got nothing on H-Town when it comes to weird.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Weirder Things (BJJ)

Tags: brazil, karate, muay-thai, boxing, fighting


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