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Affiliate Tips: Avoid Overpromoting


We ask our affiliates to promote. A lot. Sometimes a lot, anyway. And we understand that sometimes it might feel like it’s too much for your audience. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips we recommend to help you avoid audience fatigue:

Pick and choose your purpose for promoting

Are you maximizing on one of our site wide sales? Or are you celebrating something related to you and your fans? Your reasoning or purpose for promoting your merch store doesn’t always have to be the same every time you share your store, even if the merch or the discounts are. You can create a whole new vibe around merch just by changing up why you’re sharing it with your fans. Here are different options some we recommend for you:

  • TeePublic site wide sale
  • Personal milestone (ex. anniversary, 100th episode, etc.)
  • National Holiday (ex. National Ice Cream Day, National Best Friend Day, National Wine Day, etc.)

Alternate your promotion style

If you usually only promote with podcast shout outs or social media text posts, maybe consider trying something different. Here are a few ideas of tactics to try and their goals:

  • T-shirt/Product of the Day: This tactic highlights the variety of designs and products you offer in your store. And if you usually only show off your T-shirts, it’s a great chance to catch your audience’s attention with something new. It also is a good excuse to promote every day with a purpose so your fans won’t grow tired of seeing your posts.
  • Live video promotions: These are great for engaging your audience and directing them to your store immediately! All main social media platforms--Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.--allow for live video now so it’s as easy as a click of a button to do. You can also use these opportunities to organically feature the products you have in your store. 
  • Gif/Video ads: Social media platforms sometimes prioritize moving visuals over static images. Maximize on this with moving ads!
  • Highlighting different products: A great idea during our site wide sales! If you usually promote our discounted tees, think about promoting a different product instead. Everything is discounted, so you can pick and choose from our large catalog of items. This is different from the “Product of the Day” idea above because it can be a one off post. 

Leveraging time sensitivity

This is great during our sales. People are more encouraged to make a purchase if they know that they have a limited time to do so. Every month we host a few sales for you to promote limited discounts to your fans. 

You can also use our “deactivation” feature to remove designs from your store after a limited time. Setting up “limited edition” designs is another great tool to get your fans to buy something quickly. Best of all, you can re-add that design easily by pressing “activate” later on!  

These are just a handful of ways to change up how to present a TeePublic store to your audience so that your audience doesn't grow tired. Do you have any other ones you've tried out? Let us know if you give these or any other ideas a go, and as always feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.

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