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Affiliate Tips: How to Avoid Over Promoting this Holiday


By now you may have noticed that November and December are very sale heavy months. While that may seem overwhelming, we’re confident that promoting at least a few of these sales will see a higher return on sales (and revenue) than you may have experienced throughout the year! To help you navigate your way through these busy months here are some tips to help you avoid audience fatigue from too many promotional posts:

Pick and choose your sales

Not every sale needs to be promoted 100% and it’s up to you to decide which ones to pursue. We recommend definitely promoting our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales since shoppers are more apt to make purchases on these days and we can very confidently assume that your fans will be interested in buying those days as well. Don’t worry about FOMO either! Picking which sale to go after is a decision your account manager would love to help you out with so if you haven’t been in touch, now is a good time to reach out!

Alternate your promotion style

If you use a Facebook live video to promote your first sale, maybe consider running a “T-shirt of the Day” promotion the next time around! We have tons of different ideas to help you out. Here are just a few of these tactics and their goals:

  • Giveaway: Giveaways are less for revenue generating and more about celebrating your fans. If you’re doing two hard sales pushes at the beginning and end of the month consider running a giveaway in the middle as a thank you to your fans for their support.
  • T-shirt of the day: This tactic highlights the variety of designs you offer in your store. It also is a good excuse to promote every day with a purpose so your fans won’t grow tired of seeing your posts.
  • Live video promotions: These are great for engaging your audience and directing them to you store immediately! You can also use these opportunities to organically feature the products you have in your store. Need new TeePublic swag? Ask your account manager for more samples!
  • Gif/Video ads: Social media platforms tend to prioritize moving visuals over static images. Maximize on this with moving ads!
  • Coupon codes: Skip the actual sale and opt for an exclusive promo code instead. This makes your audience feel really special! *Just a note: we cannot run coupons during a sale so this is a promotion to set up during one of our off weeks!
Highlighting different products/designs

We may be “Tee”Public but we have a ton of awesome homegoods and accessories that we also sell! Take one of these sales as an opportunity to highlight our cellphone cases, laptop cases, mugs, and notebooks; as well as our new pillows, totes, and tapestries!

Leveraging time sensitivity

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday it’s only a matter of days before Christmas is upon us. Remember that not everyone takes advantage of Black Friday for their holiday shopping so leverage the immediacy of needing gifts before the holidays to spur your fans into action. We can do this through flash sales, short-running coupon codes, and more! We also have some pre-written copy available to remind your audience about the days left til the holiday and to help you post quickly and easily no matter where you are!

Track your progress using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best way to get insights on how your fans are interacting with your store. After a sale use Google Analytics to check the conversion rate of clicks to sales. This is a great way to check to see if your fans are fatigued from purchasing or if you need to run another type of promotional tactic next time around. Not sure how to interpret analytics? No problem! Shoot your findings over to your account manager and they’ll be happy to help you understand and strategize for the next sale.

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