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How To: Design for the Direct to Garment Process


So you know how to the make beautiful art, but do you know how to make that art suitable for all products? Below, a quick guide to making your work suitable for our uploader and for our Direct-to-Garment (DTG) process.

First, the uploader:

The file uploader has a few requirements:

  • PNG with a transparent background (don't know how to make it transparent? Find out how here)
  • at least 40% opacity (what's opacity? Find out here)
  • 8-bit color
  • 150 or 300 DPI
  • 1500px x 1995px for apparel and 5500 x 5000 px to print the largest size art print

Second, the DTG Process:

  • When you upload, make sure they're RGB files; we convert them to CMYK using our own color profiles.
  • You're able to design in any number of colors you'd like. We can print them all!
  • For lighter colors, we print a white  so that you can put your awesome design on any color item we have.
  • If you have white in your design, be sure to turn off the white apparel color option in the uploader.  White ink will not print on a white shirt!
  • Fidelity of certain types of colors, however, may change.

Fluorescent colors, for example, print a bit more muddled than they appear on-screen. Instead, you can see how they will appear below:

If you'd like to learn more about the specifics of designing for DTG, check the link here and, as always, keep the art coming!


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