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How To: External Linking


Hey, Gang!

We’re over one-quarter of the way through 2018. Though you may have left your New Year's resolutions in the dust, we still want you to hit your goal of taking your TeePublic shop to the next level.

On that note, we’re very excited to share these buttons we’ve made for you in a variety of sizes and colors to post on your personal website so that you can link your audience directly back to your shop (the hustle never stops).

These buttons, though fun-looking already, get their power from linking them to your shop.

How? Well, it’s easy!

How to link buttons to your shop

  1. Download and open this .zip file which holds all of the button variants.
  2. Determine whether you should use the @1 files or @2 files:
    • The @1 files are for non-retina devices and the @2 files are for retina devices. If you’re not sure, just use @2 for good measure.
  3. Add your favorite button to your website:
    • Go into the HTML body of the desired page on which you’d want to put the button and insert the following text where you want the button to go: <a href="STORE URL HERE"><img src="SRC OF BUTTON IMAGE"></a>
    • In practice, this would look something like: <a href=""> <img src="img/shop-btn[email protected]" alt="Your TeePublic Store Name"></a>

NOTE: The <a> tag would use the URL to their store and the img src would point to wherever they have the image hosted. alt provides an alternative description for the button if a page is loading slowly or the image link is broken.

BONUS: Here's a quick rundown of browsers that can load 1x and 2x images dynamically if you want to learn more.


Still confused? Need a little help? No sweat, we love hearing from you. Email [email protected] with any questions.


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