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The Definitive Guide To: Earnings


Each month we get lots of emails into our Designer Inbox about payments. So, we wanted to give you a resource that has all the information you need in one place!

Please note: This is a designer-specific blog entry. If you have an affiliate account, some of this may not apply to you.

The Basics

Earnings are paid out on the 15th of every month by 11:59 PM (EST) for all sales made during the previous calendar month. For example, money made during January is paid on February 15th. If you have not received your payment by the 16th of the month, notify us at [email protected] (please do not email us regarding missing payment before the 16th). Live in a different time zone? Stay up-to-date with what day/time it is in New York (EST) here:

We pay all designers through monthly PayPal or Payoneer transfers. We do not currently have a way of paying via any other options. Have questions about taxation? Please check out our tax policy here.

Please check out our earnings chart, which gives you information on the amount of money (USD) you make on each sale. Note the 2 categories, "Regular" and "Sale." "Regular" refers to the earnings you make on items at regular, non-sale, prices. "Sales" is the amount you make during sale-periods, or when any item is purchased with a customer coupon during non-sale periods.

Any questions about your earnings? You can always download your earnings report from your account settings to see the most accurate information about your sales activity.

Setting Up Your Payment ID in Your TeePublic Account

To enter or change your payment information, go to your Account, and click “My Sales” in the left-hand menu. On that page, you will see your payment options and can switch your payment email address and/or method. Keep an eye on your email: We will immediately send you an email with further instructions after this edit. This email will only be active for 30 minutes, so try to open it up as soon as you can.

We understand that sometimes it is necessary to switch payment IDs and methods. Please try not to switch these too often as they tend to result in payment delays. ALSO: please note that you need to have your payment ID set up before the 15th of the month to receive your earnings on time. 

All payment IDs should be in the form of an email address!


There is no minimum sales requirement that you need to earn to be paid via PayPal (like with Payoneer). This makes PayPal a very popular option.

You must ensure that you have enabled the option to receive personal payments via the friends/family network. Reason being, this is the channel through which we pay. Not having this option setup will result in your money not being transferred to you. 

Some PayPal accounts require users to manually claim their earnings. If yours is set up this way, then please make sure you remember to claim your earnings on the 15th! Otherwise, the transaction will be reversed. We want to make sure you get your money on time!

If you believe you have back-owed earnings, and you did not have your PayPal linked to your TeePublic storefront for any amount of time, please reach out to us as soon as possible. PayPal does not automatically send retroactive back-owed earnings, so this is something we have to do for you manually. We are happy to help!


Payoneer requires that you have a minimum of $20 earnings owed before sending payment. So, if you made $8 in January, $2 in February, and $10 in March, you will be paid in April for those 3 amounts during the March sales payment period. Then this counter resets and you are back to $0 (out of the $20 minimum).

Heads up: Here's the most important thing to know about Payoneer payments! Just because you signed up for Payoneer and linked it in your TeePublic account does not mean you will be paid. You need to complete a third and final step!

You need to join the TeePublic payment team on Payoneer. This is the channel through which we pay. Again, please try to do this before payday to avoid delays in payment. This step is necessary in order for us to pay you. If you made the minimum $20 and you have not yet joined the team, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to take this step during the month  you are eligible for payment. Please don't disregard the is not spam!

Referral Earnings

We pay referral earnings only via PayPal. We hope to integrate this for Payoneer in the future, but for now, it's only available for those with PayPal.

NOTE: We do not pay referral earnings on sticker sales. If you believe you are owed more, this is probably why you received the amount you did.

Thanks for reading, and happy selling!

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