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Maximize Monday: Optimize Your Instagram for the Holidays


Hey there Kelsey ‘grammers! The holidays are closer than you think and we want you to have all the tools in your tool belt to take advantage of all the awesome sales we’ve got going on at TeePublic and make sure you have a successful season. Here are some tips for maximizing your Instagram:

Tell Stories

The old Instagram can’t come to the phone right now. Why? You know the rest. But seriously, Instagram stories have been a game changer and they’re a really great tool to reach a wide variety of fans. Feature some of your favorite tees from your TeePublic store and link to them through the story. Or show your fans a story of you putting on every TeePublic tee you own. You can do just about anything without worrying as much about it being the perfect shot or fitting in perfectly with your “aesthetic”. Plus with a story you don’t have to worry about not showing up on a follower’s page due to Instagram’s algorithm.

Make some videos

Much like on Facebook, videos on Instagram are giving more weight than static images. Plus they’re way more fun to watch. You can do live videos on Instagram, make short movies to promote, use boomerang, anything. Your affiliate manager has probably got some ideas here so if you’re not sure where to start, email them!


This is TeePublic’s official holiday hashtag. Pop it onto your posts and encourage your fans to use it to. Hashtagging is a huge help for discoverability, plus this will let people see all of the awesome stuff we’ve got on TeePublic!

@teepublic and #teepublic

Tag TeePublic in your posts! We love seeing what you guys are doing and we can help you out with some reposts!

Canned copy

Speaking from experience, writing copy is hard. We’ve got a whole bunch of pre-written copy you can use to eliminate that time consuming step from your posting process! Don’t we think of everything?

Create your own hashtag

Just like on TeePublic and basically everywhere else on the internet, tags are super important. If you’re so inclined, you can come up with your own holiday hashtag to use and encourage your audience to use. Build your Instagram community and get yourself some new traffic while you’re at it!

Use your referral link

TeePublic’s new internal tracking system is great for a lot of reasons. My favorite is how short and clean our new links are. Make sure the link in your bio is a tracking link with your referral id and you’ll be golden!

That's it for now Influencers! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your affiliate manager. 

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